A Teach For India Fellow inspires a class of underprivileged children

Teach for India

Teach For India plans to end illiteracy in India by recruiting top-level graduates to interrupt their career paths and join its two-year fellowship programme.

Teach For India trains the graduates and then employs them as teachers in municipal and/or low-income schools. In addition to working directly towards eliminating educational inequality in India, the aim is to develop a powerful network of alumni who, influenced by their experiences in the classroom, will seek to solve India's educational problems, on an ongoing basis.

For the 2011-2012 academic year, Teach For India has placed 316 fellows in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. The programme has been running in Mumbai and Pune since 2009, and launched in Delhi in June 2011 and aims to place 150 fellows in Hyderabad and Chennai in 2012. The cost per fellow for 2011-2012 is approximately £7,000 per year. There are now TFI fellows in 130 schools, reaching approximately 13,500 school pupils. Additionally, Teach For India also has approximately 80 alumni.

Please visit www.teachforindia.org for more information about Teach For India. 

Did you know?

50% of children in India who go to school, drop out before the age of 10

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